I have been making vision boards and shirts with stencils Since 2008. Still perfecting my craft, I can always get better. Over the years I have aquired an  unique skills by experimenting with many different styles. I come up with new ideas and being creative in my art with colors and placement. I have done custom orders from all sorts of avenues. Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Local Business owners, Flea markets and even profesional athletes.

  • Feel free to contact me and make a request for your favorite comic book, animal, sports team, high school, NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, shoes, Jordan's, SB's, Lebron's, Durant's, anything that you would like to see on a shirt. 
  • All I ask is that respect my artwork, I love being creative in artwork and the shirts are a wearable art.
  • Also any tips or ideas on how you might stencil if you are an creative mind.
Check out more designs at senorchasedesigns.weebly.com