Please follow these Washing Instructions ! ! !


·         Wash Inside Out

·         Cold water

·         Mild Detergent

·         Delicate Setting

·         Tumble Dry, Low Heat

·         Hang Dry


                      How to Care for your Custom Spray Painted Items...

Custom Spray Painted clothing/items are ready to wear as soon as you receive it.
So please wait a minimum of one 5 days before washing the item. 
This will allow the paint to set properly.

·         1: Turn item inside out.


·          2: Use a gentle detergent made for hand washing and machine wash in cold water. For maximum care, HANDWASH ONLY in cold water by itself.


·          3: Put the item in the dryer. If you do so to minimize fading, turn the item inside out and use a warm setting.


·          4: For maximum care, hang dry.


·           5: If you want to iron your clothing material, turn it inside out and iron with a sheet of  kraft paper covering the design. On iron settings, please set it at the cotton/polyester setting.

              Note: Please do not use bleach or powders.

All apparel is heat set to preserve the colors, hot water or drying in the dryer may cause pre-mature fading.

(If instructions are followed CORRECTLY, Spray Painted clothing/items should last a longtime)